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48 Hours Coin Back!

48 Hours Coin Back!

Get 35% Coin Back on all English eBooks released by April 11th, 2019. See NOTICE at the bottom of the page for Campaign Rules & Conditions.

Campaign PeriodApr. 25, 12:00 AM ~ Apr. 26, 11:59 PM, 2019 PDT
  • Reach "Light Rank" or higher based on your purchases in April to get even more Coin Back during our special campaign in May!
  • (e.g.) No Rank: 20% Coin Back // Light Rank or higher: 35% Coin Back
  • Your membership rank is determined depending on your total purchase amount of the preceding month. Membership rank calculation is based on JPY (Japanese Yen) excluding tax, in JST (Japan Standard Time).
  • Please refer to this page to learn more about BOOK☆WALKER Club membership rank.

Eligible Manga & Light Novel Recommendations


    • April 25th 12:00 AM – April 26th 11:59 PM, 2019 PT (Pacific Time)
    • April 25th 04:00 PM – April 27th 03:59 PM, 2019 JST (Japan Standard Time)
    • This campaign is for BOOK☆WALKER members. You may register for a membership from here for free.
    • This campaign is limited to purchases made through the BOOK☆WALKER Global Store.
    • No entry steps are required for participating in this campaign other than purchasing eligible eBooks.
    • Japanese eBooks are not eligible for this campaign's Coin Back
    • eBooks released on April 12th, 2019 and after are NOT eligible for the [35% Coin Back]. You may check the release date on each title page, under "Product Details".
    • If you use coupons on the settlement page to make a purchase, you won't be eligible for the [35% Coin Back].
    • You may check your earned coins from [My Account] > [Coin History].
    • Learn about BOOK☆WALKER Coins: See details here
    • Please refer to this FAQ to learn more about what kind of coin-back campaigns there are.
    • Please refer to this FAQ to learn more about how Coin Back is calculated.
    • This campaign's period and content are subject to change without prior notice.
  • 35% Coin Back
    • Coins will automatically be granted to your account within 15 minutes upon settlement, based on total purchase (excluding tax) of eligible campaign titles. However, please be noted that for purchases made between 12:00 AM - 01:00 AM (JST) the coin granting process may take up to several hours at maximum.
    • This campaign's coins will expire on September 30th 7:00 AM, 2019 PT.

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