BOOK☆WALKER Coin (hereinafter referred to as "coin") is BOOK☆WALKER's loyalty program. As a BOOK☆WALKER member you'll earn coins every time you purchase eBooks on the web store, and can use coins on your next eBook purchase from 1 coin unit (1 coin=1JPY).
Shop:Purchase eBooks on the BOOK☆WALKER store. Earn Coins:Earn 1 coin for every 100 JPY purchase. Participate in campaigns to earn more! Use Coins:Use coins to pay for your next eBook purchase (1 coin = 1 JPY).

Earn Coins

How Granted Amount When Deadline
eBook Purchase*Excludes campaigns 1-18%coin-back based on membership rank Within 15 min. after purchase Coin expires at the end of 5 months from purchase date
Purchase by Pre-order or Subscribe to Series Coin-back based on membership rank +5%~ Within 1 hour after (automatic) purchase
*All coins expire based on JST (Japan Standard Time).

Use Coins

You may use coins from 1 coin (1 JPY), in 1 coin unit when making a purchase on the web store.

(1) Type in the coin usage amount next to “Coin Usage for This Settlement” under the “Use Coin” section.

Use Coin

(2) Select the “Apply” button.

Use Coin

* If you wish to pay the full price with coin, select the “Apply Coin for Full Amount” button.

(3) Confirm that the amount of coin usage is reflected on the right-hand side of the “Use Coin” section.


Cancelling "Provisionally Applied Coin"

If you suspend your purchase on the screen of the settlement company (Credit Card, PayPal, etc.), applied coins will be identified as "Provisionally Applied Coin".

*This will occur if you close the screen or by clicking the Back button in your browser after proceeding to the payment screen of the settlement company.

When this occurs, a “Cancel” button will be displayed within the “Use Coin” section. You may cancel your applied coins from here to make your coins available again.


*You may not reclaim coins which have expired while being identified as "Provisionally Applied Coin".

Rules and Precautions

Confirming Coin Status

  • You may check the total amount of coins you own, expiration date, and other coin information from Coin History.

About Granted Coins

  • ・Coin-back rate for membership rank is determined based on your rank when completing order.
  • ・Even if you make a payment using coins, coins will be granted based on your membership rank.
  • ・If coin calculation includes decimals (less than 1 coin), it will be truncated.
  •  (Example) When a customer purchase an eBook A of 350 JPY (excl. tax) and eBook B of 450 JPY (excl. tax) , and gets 1% coin-back.
     [When purchasing A & B together] 800 JPY (excl. tax) : 8 coins
     [When purchasing A & B separately] 350 JPY (excl. tax) : 3 coins, 450 JPY (excl. tax) : 7 coins
  • < iOS App Users>
  •  [AppleID Store] on iOS app only offers eBooks in Japanese language, and the JPY price listed on the screen includes tax when purchased from Japan. Please use the Global web store ( ) to purchase eBooks in English language.
  •  *Please be noted that coins will not be granted when purchasing eBooks withought signing in your BOOK☆WALKER account.

When Coins are Granted

  • ・It may take about 15 minutes for coins to be granted to your account.
  • ・For some campaigns, coins are granted after the campaign period.

Expiration Date

  • ■ Standard Coin
  • There is no expiration date for "Standard Coin" you purchased.
  • ■ Limited-time Coin
  • Coin expiration date for "limited-time Coin" (Granted coin) is based on JST (Japan Standard Time), and basically expire at the end of 5 months.
  • * Please be noted that for some campaigns, granted coins expire at the end of 5 months from the campaign starting date.
  • * Other coins granted on the month of your birthday or when participating in the "50% Coin Back for First-time Purchasers" campaign for example, also have a different expiration date.

  •  Please confirm rules and conditions for each campaign page for details. Please refer to the FAQ in case a campaign page does not exist.

About Coin Usage

  • Coins cannot be used in the following cases.
  • * Purchase through the [Apple ID Store] on iOS app. (Please use the web store to use coins.)
  • * Purchase of eBooks with one click, from the "Instant Checkout with PayPal" button on the Global web store ( ).
  • * Purchase through the "もう一度購入する (purchase again)" button on the Japan web store ( ).

About Coupon Usage

  • ・Granted coins are calculated based on the total purchase amount of applicable eBooks after coupon deduction.
  • ・If you apply a coupon for an eBook eligible for a coin-back campaign, you will not receive a coin-back. (This rule does not apply for "50% Coin Back for First-time Purchasers".)


  • ・Coins will expire if it reaches its deadline while it is "Provisionally Applied", and the coin usage has not been completed.
  • ・ You will loose all your coins when cancelling your BOOK☆WALKER membership.
  • ・Conditions for coin usage is subject to change without prior notice.

  • Please refer to FAQs about coins from here.

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