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BOOK☆WALKER is KADOKAWA's official bookstore and app for reading digital Manga & Light Novels worldwide.
Come experience a new way to enjoy and collect the latest manga and light novels digitally on your PC, iOS, or Android devices.
We're not just like any other eBookstore, BOOK☆WALKER was made for fans like YOU!

We're giving away a special 500 JPY (approx. 4 USD) coupon for newly registered members!
Sign up for BOOK☆WALKER now, and use the coupon to purchase ANY ENGLISH EBOOKS on our store!

Receive Exclusive Benefits Offered Only at BOOK☆WALKER


Beautiful Bookshelf Skins to Level-Up Your Library!
With BOOK☆WALKER's app you can not only arrange books in your library as you like, but also can enjoy exclusive BOOK☆WALKER bookshelf skins of your favorite titles! A maximum of 100 bookshelves allows for creating your very own eBook collection. Learn how to organize your personal bookshelves here!
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Exclusive Digital and Extra Content Only Avaiable at BOOK☆WALKER!
Receive special benefit such as free Manga, limited edition booklet giveaways, autographed Manga volumes, and limited edition illustrations.
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Personal Library of Manga & Light Novels


We are a digital bookstore specializing in Japanese Manga and Light Novels.
Discover over 3,500 Manga and Light Novels from over 20 publishers.
Read on all of your favorite devices (iOS, Android & PC)!

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Easy Reading Experience with Well Designed Reader


Other features the app offers:
・Customize the tappable Area of your app!
・Change the font size of your Light Novels!
・Add bookmarks and sticky notes to memorable pages!
And many more! Also check our tutorials to find out how to use the BOOK☆WALKER app.



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