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Start Reading on iPhone / iPad

You may read eBooks online or install the BOOK☆WALKER app to download and read eBooks offline.

1. Read Online:
Sign-in and access “Purchased eBooks” on “My Account” page. Select an eBook to read by tapping the “Read on Browser“ button.

2. Read on App:
Install the BOOK☆WALKER app from the AppStore to read offline.


Install BOOK☆WALKER app

After installing the BOOK☆WALKER app to your iOS device and downloading your purchased eBook data, you will be able to read eBooks even without internet access.

Please check FAQ for iOS customers for more information.

(Video Tutorials)
- How to use the BOOK☆WALKER App on your Smart Phone/Tablet devices
- How to get Original Bookshelf Skins
- How to organize Bookshelves in the BOOK☆WALKER App