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HOSTAGE DETECTIVE, Chapter 1-11 - Manga

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Yasumasa Nishizaki / Takemaru Abiko


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Ryota Yamane sets out to steal a girl's panties and creeps into her room only to find her dead body. Why doesn't he go to the police? Because he is holding another girl captive in his room. The next day, police come to question him suspecting him of murder! Will this pervert be able to reveal the real murderer's true colors?!

  • Please be notified that this is a chapter, not a volume of the series.
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Art Yasumasa Nishizaki
Story Takemaru Abiko
Genre Manga ,Media Do ,Chapter Release
Series HOSTAGE DETECTIVE, Chapter Collections
Publisher Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha, Ltd.
Available since December 12, 2017
Page count 23pages (*note)

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