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Boogiepop Doesn’t Laugh Vol. 2 - Manga

  • Manga
  • Completed

Kouhei Kadono / Kouji Ogata

Boogiepop Doesn’t Laugh Vol. 2

About this book

Once you've seen me... you can't be allowed to live.

In the blink of an eye, a young girl's precious life is snuffed out and the deadly Manticore's well-laid plans for world domination get shot to hell. With time running out, can Nagi Kirima and the mysterious “Angel of Death” known as Boogiepop put an end to the murderous Manticore's reign of terror before even more innocent lives are lost...? Find out in this thrilling, extra-sized conclusion to Boogiepop Doesn't Laugh!

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Product Details

Author Kouhei Kadono
Artist Kouji Ogata
Genre Manga ,Completed Series ,Seinen ,Mystery ,School Life ,Drama
Series Boogiepop Doesn't Laugh
Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment
Available since October 12, 2017
Page count 252pages (*note)

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