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Kill la Kill Vol.2 - Manga

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TRIGGER/ Kazuki Nakashima / Ryo Akizuki

Kill la Kill Vol.2

About this book

Now armed with her own powerful Kamui uniform, transfer student Ry?ko Matoi takes aim at the fascist overlords of Honnouji Academy! But are even these newfound powers a match for the Student Council President herself, Satsuki Kiryuin!? It's more all-out magical transformation, sword-clashing, fanservice-filled action in Kill la Kill Volume 2!

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Writer TRIGGER/ Kazuki Nakashima
Artist Ryo Akizuki
Genre Manga ,Seinen ,Sci-fi ,Anime ,Comedy ,School Life ,Action ,Ecchi ,Drama ,Completed Series
Series Kill la Kill
Publisher UDON
Available since May 10, 2016
Page count 150pages (*note)

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