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Guardian Hearts, Vol. 2 (2-3) - Manga

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Sae Amatsu

Guardian Hearts, Vol. 2 (2-3)

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Hina and Kazuya are constantly being attacked by the enemies of Gaarts--BURN, whose objective is to take over the world! In the midst of all this chaos, Hina recieves a very important mission: to guard Gaarts's special Shining Bird. Will Hina and Kazuya be able to complete the mission and protect the special Shining Bird with BURN at their heels? Perhaps with the help of Kazuya's newfound powers...

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Author Sae Amatsu
Genre Manga ,Comedy ,Action ,Romance ,Shounen ,Sci-fi ,School Life ,Ecchi ,Harem ,Anime
Series Guardian Hearts
Publisher VIZ Media
Available since October 26, 2015
Page count 363pages (*note)

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