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KASANE NO TAO, Chapter 33 - Manga

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Ken Kawasaki / Techu Imatani

KASANE NO TAO, Chapter 33

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Kasane's playing in a tournament for the single recommendation that the Irozaki Country Club can give to play in the QT (a match that selects players to appear in pro tournaments) held by one of Japan's professional golf tour organizations that's open to any age or gender. Kasane is feeling inspired, but she's wound up in the playing in the same group in this selection match as Yashima, a fellow student who burns with hostility towards her. She's locked in to tackle the difficult Irozaki course, calming herself despite Yashima's best efforts to mentally shake her. But now she's suffered the misfortune of her putter breaking right before the final hole of the match?! How can she come out on top, winning the right to appear in the QT?!

  • Please be notified that this is a chapter, not a volume of the series.
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Author Ken Kawasaki
Manga Techu Imatani
Genre Manga ,Media Do ,Chapter Release
Series KASANE NO TAO, Chapter Collections
Publisher Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha, Ltd.
Available since December 25, 2017
Page count 23pages (*note)

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