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St. Lunatic High School, Vol. 2 - Manga

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St. Lunatic High School, Vol. 2

About this book

Welcome to the high school where every night is Halloween!
Everything's been fun and games so far at St. Lunatic High School, but when word leaks out that monsters are taking night classes there, the school - and all of its students - may be in store for ultimate detention. Will this spell the end of Niko and Ren's friendship?
Filled with cute boys, delicious secrets, and debonair demons, MAJIKO!-sensei's manga series concludes with the kind of cold-blooded hotness that only the warm-blooded can truly admire.

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Product Details

Author Majiko!
Genre Manga ,Comedy ,Fantasy ,Shoujo ,Young Adult ,Completed Series
Series St. Lunatic High School
Publisher VIZ Media
Available since October 28, 2014
Page count 179pages (*note)

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