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Hibiki's Magic, Vol. 2 - Manga

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Jun Maeda / Rei Idumi

Hibiki's Magic, Vol. 2

About this book

When we last saw Hibiki, she was helping a lonely single mother try to overcome her heartbreaking sadness. Hibiki's magic, she had discovered, exists to save people, and to help with living--but is her magic powerful enough to save herself? Back at the academy, a monster threatens the students and it's up to Hibiki to rescue her friends--and the monster. Later, the school falls under the spell of a magical harmonica that gives everyone the moody blues. Will Hibiki's power be enough to overcome this cursed rhythm?

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Product Details

Author Jun Maeda
Artist Rei Idumi
Genre Manga
Series Hibiki's Magic
Publisher VIZ Media
Available since December 1, 2015
Page count 232pages (*note)

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