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Aldnoah.Zero Season One, Vol. 2 - Manga

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Olympus Knights / Pinakes

Aldnoah.Zero Season One, Vol. 2

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As the flames of war spread across the globe, the terrans find themselves thoroughly outmatched by the Martian Kataphrakts. While Nao's brilliant tactical analysis may have enabled his ragtag unit to prevail over the Kataphrakts once or twice, these small victories are hardly enough to turn the tide.As Princess Asseylum grapples with her conscience over whether she should reveal her true identity in an effort to save lives, her grandfather--His Majesty Rayregalia Vers Rayvers--orders an abrupt cease-fire. With so many clamoring for bloodshed, how long can this frail peace hold?

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Product Details

By (author) Olympus Knights
By (artist) Pinakes
Genre Manga ,Mecha ,Action
Series Aldnoah.Zero Season One
Publisher Yen Press
Available since August 19, 2016
Page count 148pages (*note)

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