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Hands Off!, Vol. 6 - Manga

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  • Completed

Kasane Katsumoto

Hands Off!, Vol. 6

About this book

Mio and Karen meet at last in a mystery that brings everyone a bit closer. But a strange new manifestation of Kotarou's power begins to surface, and Kotarou notices that his touch is less than normal. Meanwhile, Kazuma confronts Tatsuki with an eerie message that puts Tatsuki on the edge - with danger on the way, will Tatsuki be ready when it finally hits?

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Product Details

Author Kasane Katsumoto
Genre Manga ,Comedy ,Drama ,Psychological ,School Life ,Sci-fi ,Shoujo ,Tragedy ,Young Adult ,Completed Series
Series Hands Off!
Publisher VIZ Media
Available since May 26, 2015
Page count 179pages (*note)

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