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The Ghost and The Lady 1 - Manga

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Kazuhiro Fujita

The Ghost and The Lady 1

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DARKEST NIGHTINGALE Deep in London’s Scotland Yard sits an evidence room dedicated to the greatest mysteries of British history. In this “Black Museum” sits a misshapen hunk of lead?two bullets fused together?the key to the untold story of a wartime encounter between Florence Nightingale, the mother of modern nursing, and a supernatural Man in Grey. The record books show Florence fought for compassion as empires’ petty rivalries threatened to destroy the hopes and lives of common people. But a guest in the Black Museum knows the truth is not so simple, and the famed Lady with the Lamp had a ghastly secret...

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Author Kazuhiro Fujita
Genre Manga ,Historical ,Mystery ,Fantasy ,Action
Series The Ghost and The Lady
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Available since October 25, 2016
Page count 314pages (*note)

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