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Bloody Mary, Volume 6 - Manga

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Akaza Samamiya

Bloody Mary, Volume 6

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"“Mary” finally appears before Maria, who can’t bring himself to ask about what happened on the night his father died. While Maria is unable to face the truth, “Mary” offers him a deal: if Maria can get Mary to recall the forgotten memories of Mary’s past, “Mary” will reveal how his father died. Meanwhile, Hydra, who has also come to England, has a reunion with the skeleton of “Mary” in an old castle…

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Product Details

Author Akaza Samamiya
Genre Manga ,Shoujo ,Drama ,Mystery ,Horror ,Psychological ,Supernatural ,Vampires ,School Life ,Drama
Series Bloody Mary
Publisher VIZ Media
Available since March 6, 2017
Page count 167pages (*note)

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