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Hana & Hina After School Vol. 2 - Manga

  • Manga
  • Completed

Milk Morinaga

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The girls are all kinds of nervous as Hana heads over to visit Hina's house for the first time. Things get off to a good start-Hina even opens up about her mysterious friend-but the day takes an unexpected turn when they accidentally take a nap...together! Yet when Hana starts investigating Hina's past friendship, their own bond turns sour. Is the damage beyond repair-or is there still hope for their relationship?

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Product Details

Author/Artist Milk Morinaga
Genre Manga ,Seinen ,Yuri ,Comedy ,Completed Series ,Romance
Series Hana & Hina After School
Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment
Available since July 18, 2017
Page count 164pages (*note)

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