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Iris Zero Vol. 1 - Manga

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Takana Hotaru / Piro Shiki

Iris Zero Vol. 1

About this book

In a world where nearly every kid has a superpower called an “Iris,” only a few unfortunate people like Toru are born without. Bullied throughout his childhood, his motto in life is “Zero Attention” ? keep your head down and don’t stand out. But after one of the most popular girls in school confesses to him, his motto is put to the test. The end of his ordinary days has arrived…

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Author Takana Hotaru / Piro Shiki
Genre Manga ,Comedy ,Drama ,Mystery ,Psychological ,Romance ,School Life ,Shounen ,Supernatural ,Young Adult
Series Iris Zero
Publisher DMP
Available since November 20, 2014
Page count 172pages (*note)

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