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Bloody Cross, Vol. 4 - Manga

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Shiwo Komeyama

Bloody Cross, Vol. 4

About this book

Tsukimiya has fallen into the hands of Arcana and Satsuki, but her enemies seem more interested in the mark she bears than in the half-blood herself. But what about Hinata? The intentions of Tsukimiya's former, albeit temporary, ally seem to oscillate between sympathetic and self-serving as the would-be gods plot to use her as a living sacrifice! Betrayed, bloodied, and left for dead, Tsukimiya resolves to seek the truth of the curse on her own terms--and by any means necessary...

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Created by Shiwo Komeyama
Genre Manga ,Mystery ,Fantasy ,Action ,Romance ,Drama
Series Bloody Cross
Publisher Yen Press
Available since July 1, 2016
Page count 202pages (*note)

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