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Nekogahara Volume 2 - Manga

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Hiroyuki Takei

Nekogahara Volume 2

About this book

RONIN IN THE RAW Proud stray-samurai,Norachiyo,continues his journey to find his peace while escaping his haunting past. Along the way,he’s crossed paths with a few ne’er-do-well cats and now his shadow is trailed by a clowder of fiendish felines out for blood. The secret police,a molly ninja,and a self-righteous pretty boy are just a few of those looking to take on Norachiyo. But can they prevail against a cat who once slew a ""god""?

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Author Hiroyuki Takei
Genre Manga ,Action ,Drama ,Historical
Series Nekogahara
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Available since February 23, 2017
Page count 182pages (*note)

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