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Chibi Vampire, Vol. 10 - Manga

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Yuna Kagesaki

Chibi Vampire, Vol. 10

About this book

For once, Karin's life seems to be going in the right direction. She and Kenta have declared their love for each other, and Karin has finally met another vampire who has a similar blood problem. But will Karin's train of good luck become derailed with the return of her grandmother, Elda Marker? What will Elda do when she finds out Karin's not a normal vampire? It's all inside this delicious volume - in which you'll find out why love between vampire and humans is taboo!

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Product Details

Author Yuna Kagesaki
Genre Manga ,Comedy ,Romance ,School Life ,Shounen ,Young Adult ,Completed Series ,Anime
Series Chibi Vampire
Publisher VIZ Media
Available since October 28, 2014
Page count 168pages (*note)

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