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[Important Notice] Changes to the reading environment on PC

Thank you for using BOOK☆WALKER.

Currently, we offer BOOK☆WALKER for Windows, BOOK☆WALKER for Mac and Browser Viewer as reading tools for our customers.

However, considering the below perspectives comprehensively, we have decided to concentrate on offering and developing the Browser Viewer function in the future.

- Type of functions planned to be added on viewers (including apps on smartphone/tablet)
- Facilitating SNS accounts' convenience
- Security measures in accordance with OS/browser update

Therefore, the followings will be the last version of the PC Viewer.

BOOK☆WALKER for Windows: ver.1.2.10
BOOK☆WALKER for Mac: ver.1.2.6

Please be advised that we may stop distribution and usage of the PC Viewer without prior notice due to OS update and/or security countermeasures. In this case, the Browser Viewer will become the only option to read eBooks on PC, which requires a stable internet connection.

Schedule for Browser Viewer development

- Released Web bookshelf β function (for viewing only) for the Japan Store on Dec. 20th, 2017. Edit function will be released in a few months. Web bookshelf on the Global Store is currently under consideration.
- Mark function (both English and Japanese) is under development.

We apologise for any possible inconvenience caused by this drastic change to the reading environment on PC, and appreciate your kind understanding to our policy on the development of the viewers. Meanwhile, we will keep improving the function for the browser viewer to meet your expectation.

BOOK☆WALKER for Browser Viewer

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