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[Important] A New Rule for BOOK☆WALKER Coin

BOOK☆WALKER Global store will be introducing a new rule for BOOK☆WALKER Coin from Wednesday on March 26th, 2019 PT as follows.

Switchover Date

- March 26th 9:00 PM, 2019 PT (Pacific Time)
- March 27th 4:00 AM, 2019 GMT (Greenwich Time)
- March 27th 1:00 PM, 2019 JST (Japan Standard Time)

* The new rule will apply even if you add an eBook to your cart before March 26th 8:59 PM, and proceed to settlement screen after 9:00 PM PT.
* Information on store page will change gradually to the new rule after 9:00 PM PT.

New Rule

1. We will no longer grant “Standard Coin“, where customers earn 1 coin for every 100 JPY eBook purchase (1% coin-back). Instead, we will give 1-18% coin-back based on each customer’s membership rank.
* BOOK☆WALKER Club membership rank is BOOK☆WALKER’s loyalty program also to be introduced to the Global store on March 26th, 2019 PT. Your coin-back rate for eBook purchase will be determined upon your membership rank, and the more you purchase every month, the higher coin-back rate you'll get with your purchase next month.
* Please refer to details about BOOK☆WALKER Club membership rank from here.

◆New Coin-back Rule for eBook Purchase

New Coin-back Rule for eBook Purchase

◆New Coin-back Rule for Campaigns

New Coin-back Rule for Campaigns

2. Limited Time Coin granted through campaigns will expire based on JST (Japan Standard Time), basically at the end of 5 months from the campaign starting date.
* Coins granted through some campaigns may be valid for a shorter term. We will notify our customers on the campaign page in that case.
* Other non-campaign bonus coins granted on the month of your birthday for example, are also valid for a shorter term.

3. All coin-backs, including Pre-order/Subscribe to Series and coin-back campaigns, will be calculated in coin-back rate (%), based on purchase amount excluding tax.
* If coin calculation includes decimals (less than 1 coin), it will be truncated.
* If the coin-back rate for a campaign differs depending on membership rank, the coin-back rule may be shown as “maximum of N%” on campaign conditions.
* The new rule will not apply to campaigns conducted in the past.

◆New Coin-back Rule for Pre-order/Subscribe to Series

New Coin-back Rule for Pre-order/Subscribe to Series

- Coin calculation example 1:
When a “Regular” rank member (1% coin-back rate) purchase an eBook of 580 JPY (excluding tax)

Coin calculation example

◆New Coin-back Rule for Coin-back Campaigns

New Coin-back Rule for Coin-back Campaigns

- Coin calculation example 2:
When a customer purchase 580 JPY (excluding tax) for 10% Coin-back campaign.

Coin calculation example 2

More detailed information, such as calculation when purchasing multiple eBooks, will be added later on to the FAQ. Also, along with change of coin-back information on store page, we will also update how coin information is displayed on the Coin History page.

Thank you for your kind understanding to the change of BOOK☆WALKER’s service.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019 JST (Updated on Friday, March 15, 2019 JST)