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Kyo Kara MAOH!, Vol. 7 - Manga

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Temari Matsumoto

Kyo Kara MAOH!, Vol. 7

About this book

Everything seems to have calmed down for the Maoh, until Yuri returns to his castle and finds that he has a love child! Is he even old enough to have fathered a ten-year-old girl? If that wasn't bad enough, the tiny terror tries to kill Yuri and he twists his pivoting foot in the process. Eager to cheer Yuri up, Conrad arranges a trip to a famous human hot springs resort, but Yuri has stowed away his young assailant on board! Will she continue to attempt to assassinate Yuri or will Yuri's kindness win her over? And can Yuri even make it to the hot springs without getting himself into trouble?

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Product Details

Author Temari Matsumoto
Genre Manga ,Action ,Adventure ,Comedy ,Drama ,Fantasy ,Harem ,Young Adult ,Anime ,Isekai (Different World)
Series Kyo Kara MAOH!
Publisher VIZ Media
Available since March 30, 2015
Page count 178pages (*note)

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