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Shunsuke Sarai / Kamon Ooba / Tetsuhiro Nabeshima


About this book

To get over writer's block, our heroes hunt down a killer?!

With the matter of my attacker settled, my daily life goes back to normal. Or so I thought. This time, a super masochistic pervert invades Natsuno’s home! Is this deviant seriously Natsuno’s editor?! And with Natsuno suffering from writer’s block, what will it mean now that she can’t write?!

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Product Details

Original Work Shunsuke Sarai
Art Kamon Ooba
Character Design Tetsuhiro Nabeshima
Genre Manga ,Comedy ,Mystery ,Shounen ,Young Adult ,Completed Series ,Anime
Publisher KADOKAWA
Available since March 10, 2015
Page count 161pages (*note)

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