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Inari Konkon 5 - Manga

  • Manga
  • Completed

Morohe Yoshida

Inari Konkon 5

About this book

The powers of the gods are unleashed at a school field trip?!!

Without anyone's knowledge Mistress Uka is locked away. Inari is enjoying herself on a school field trip as her conceived relationship with Koji Tanbabashi seems like it will become a reality. But what effect will these passionate feelings have on her powers...?!!

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Product Details

Story and Art Morohe Yoshida
Genre Manga ,Comedy ,Romance ,School Life ,Seinen ,Supernatural ,Young Adult ,Completed Series ,Anime
Series Inari Konkon(KADOKAWA MANGA)
Publisher KADOKAWA
Available since January 27, 2015
Page count 201pages (*note)

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