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Pumpkin Scissors Volume 21 - Manga

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Ryotaro Iwanaga

About this book

Counterattacks by the Imperial Army have destroyed the force of the weakening Anti-Ares' tanks. The terrorists, knowing they've already accomplished their goal, attempt to take their fate into their own hands, but cannot quell the appetite for revenge that's consumed them--they want to break the Imperial citizens, to see them cry out and beg for forgiveness... but then, they hear a message from a certain Imperial soldier. Lieutenant Alice L. Malvin's voice, heard by the people of the Nebulo nations through the cables, offered not an apology but asked three demands...

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Product Details

Author Ryotaro Iwanaga
Genre Manga ,Anime ,Comedy ,Action ,Drama
Series Pumpkin Scissors
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Available since June 19, 2018
Page count 238pages (*note)

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