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DAYS Volume 5 - Manga

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Tsuyoshi Yasuda

DAYS Volume 5

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The Seiseki High soccer club is back on its feet and gearing up for the All Japan High School Soccer Tournament. They head to a top-level training camp in Kagoshima for scrimmages with the best teams in all of Japan...and to decide their starting lineup! No one, regardless of their year in school or their career prospects as a professional soccer player, is guaranteed a spot...but if Tsukushi wants to be a starter, he's got to take out the toughest opponent in all of Seiseki: Oshiba! Undeterred, Tsukushi sets out to find a weapon within himself which no one else can offer the team.

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Author Tsuyoshi Yasuda
Genre Manga ,Shounen ,Anime ,Sports ,School Life
Series DAYS
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Available since September 25, 2017
Page count 194pages (*note)

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