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In/Spectre Volume 6 - Manga

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Chashiba Katase

In/Spectre Volume 6

About this book

“Steel Lady Nanase”- the urban legend of a faceless, bloodthirsty phantom who had once been a voluptuous idol- has gone from myth to terrifying reality thanks to Rikka's powers. In order to defeat this fictitious monster, Kotoko continues to present her “four solutions” to create a new “truth,” as Kuro uses his abilities to defeat the spectre once and for all. With two solutions rejected and only two remaining, can Kotoko's invented inference put the myth of the Steel Lady to rest once and for all, or is the fate of her and Kuro's futures completely out of her hands?

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Author Chashiba Katase
Genre Manga ,Shounen ,Mystery ,Comedy ,Supernatural
Series In/Spectre
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Available since September 25, 2017
Page count 258pages (*note)

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