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See Me After Class Vol. 1 - Manga

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Munyu / Akiyoshi Ohta

See Me After Class Vol. 1

About this book

Yuuki’s scored a full scholarship to a very prestigious school. The only catch? A ditzy teacher’s error means he now has to crossdress to keep his real identity a secret! Will Yuuki pull it off…or will he be pulled to pieces by a cute, curious classmate?
See Me After Class raises eyebrows (and skirts) with a frantic, flirty peek into the life of a fumbling boy who’s forced to shack up with a sweet and very voluptuous teacher! Can this odd couple keep their minds on school…and out of the gutter?

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Product Details

Author Munyu
Original Story by Akiyoshi Ohta
Genre Manga ,Gender Bender ,Ecchi ,Harem ,School Life ,Mature
Series See Me After Class
Publisher PROJECT-H
Available since December 23, 2014
Page count 161pages (*note)

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