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12 Beast Vol. 4 - Manga

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As Indra the Serpent of the Twelve Divine Generals closes in on the merfolk town, Eita is faced with the toughest decision of his life. Should he join the merfolk in their battle--a conflict which has nothing to do with him, and where the merfolk don't even want his help--or should he make a strategic retreat? As if this wasn't a difficult enough choice, Steela, the Witch of the Deep, informs Eita that he will soon be forced to make an even more fateful decision!

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Author/Artist OKAYADO
Genre Manga ,Drama ,Fantasy ,Adventure ,Comedy ,Action ,Ecchi ,Harem ,Isekai (Different World)
Series 12 Beast
Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment
Available since December 12, 2016
Page count 170pages (*note)

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