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Photogenic Superstar, The ”Gap” After - Manga

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Masato Inoue

Photogenic Superstar, The ”Gap” After

About this book

We fell in love through the camera lens---. Mimasaka, a genius with a camera, returns to his university after losing his job to assist one of his former teachers. One day he's suddenly knocked over by the strange and slightly perverted Saki, who professes that he is in love with Mimasaka's gaps. At the mercy of Saki's crazy behavior, Mimasaka oddly finds himself comforted by the passionate gaze of Saki through his camera. How long before their encounter through the viewfinder will lead them to love...? A sensitive boys love romance seen through the lens of a camera.

  • Please be notified that this is a chapter, not a volume of the series.
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Author Masato Inoue
Genre Manga ,Boys Love (Yaoi) ,Media Do ,Chapter Release
Series Photogenic Superstar, Chapter Collections
Available since December 12, 2017
Page count 19pages (*note)

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