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...and I Love You, Frill Boy - Manga

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Masato Inoue

...and I Love You, Frill Boy

About this book

”I'm in love with you. Like, the kind where I want you to make love to me.” 10 years after losing his wife, Haru receives this confession from his step-son Ryo. The two may not be related by blood but have up to this point lived a peaceful life as a family. Haru doesn't want for their relationship to change. He just wants things to stay as they are so nothing is broken. But love doesn't always work like that. ”Playing Family,” the carefully written story of a step-dad battling his emotions for his step-son, and other sentimental love stories are contained in this bittersweet volume.

  • Please be notified that this is a chapter, not a volume of the series.
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Author Masato Inoue
Genre Manga ,Boys Love (Yaoi) ,Media Do ,Chapter Release
Series ...and I Love You, Chapter Collections
Available since December 12, 2017
Page count 35pages (*note)

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