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BRAVE 10 Vol. 2 - Manga

  • Manga
  • Completed

Kairi Shimotsuki

BRAVE 10 Vol. 2

About this book

Because of the blatant attack on his castle, Lord Yukimura Sanada sends three of his Brave 10 warriors on a reconnaissance mission to Izumo. Empowered by being named a Sanada Brave, Isanami embarks on this journey with haste. Along the way Isanami is met with flesh-hungry wolves, and she discovers that she may be more than just a mere shrine maiden. Following this fearful discovery, Isanami is kidnapped by a malicious thief! Will our heroes survive these seemingly ill-fated circumstances? If they do, and with the Date warriors on their tail, what exactly is waiting for them in Izumo?

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Product Details

Author Kairi Shimotsuki
Genre Manga ,Action ,Historical ,Sci-fi ,Seinen ,Mature ,Anime ,Completed Series
Series BRAVE 10
Publisher DMP
Available since March 30, 2015
Page count 195pages (*note)

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