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OIRAN NEE-SAN, Volume 2 - Manga

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Atsumu Suzuki


About this book

A ”kamuro” is a young girl who takes care of and runs various errands for a courtesan, and at the same time studies the art for herself. The way kamuro would refer to their respective courtesans as ”big sister” gave rise to the word ”oiran”, the most elite prostitutes in Edo-era Japan. This story takes place in a brothel called Shinkiro in notorious Yoshiwara red-light district, starring an oiran known to many as the ”Courtesan from Hell”, a super popular sadist specialist named Hashidate. And now there is another one who threatens her supremacy, and her name is Minori Goho. Namiji and her fellow kamuro Shino end up entangled in the epic rivalry, of which there can only be one winner. An emotional tale flooded with drama, as the saga of Hashidate the oiran continues!

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Author Atsumu Suzuki
Genre Manga ,Media Do
Series OIRAN NEE-SAN, Volume Collections
Publisher Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha, Ltd.
Available since December 12, 2017
Page count 208pages (*note)

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