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Ubel Blatt, Vol. 8 - Manga

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Etorouji Shiono

Ubel Blatt, Vol. 8

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Glenn has disbanded the Order of the Seven Spears and established the Order of Heaven's Spear in its place. This new band of super-powered knights sets forth to recruit the strongest fighters in the land, luring them to Glenn's cause by offering a share of the incredible power they wield. As Glenn and his knights hunt down all those who have ever opposed him, the man at the very top of that list-""Hero-Killer"" Koinzell-eludes Glenn's forces and journeys to the capital, the next stop on his quest for justice!

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Created by Etorouji Shiono
Genre Manga ,Seinen ,Fantasy ,Adventure ,Action
Series Ubel Blatt
Publisher Yen Press
Available since March 23, 2017
Page count 392pages (*note)

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