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Akuma no Riddle Vol. 5 - Manga

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Yun Kouga / Sunao Minakata

Akuma no Riddle Vol. 5

About this book

Death Is Not the End?

At long last--the final chapter of Haru and Tokaku's tale has arrived! With Haru living in a dorm full of assassins, Tokaku has taken on the duty of keeping her safe. But after emerging victorious from a hard battle with Sumireko, it turns out that the last obstacle standing Haru is Tokaku! Does death await them at the end--or something else altogether?

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Product Details

Author Yun Kouga
Artist Sunao Minakata
Genre Manga ,Yuri ,Completed Series ,Anime ,School Life ,Action
Series Akuma no Riddle
Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment
Available since August 14, 2017
Page count 156pages (*note)

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