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Museum Volume 3 - Manga

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Ryousuke Tomoe

Museum Volume 3

About this book

The frog man from hell moves towards the hopeless ""final punishment""!! The extreme suspenseful and bizarre thriller horror! The ""museum of murder"" comes to its grand finale! Additionally written in is the 15 page forbidden last chapter! Unleashing ""the devil's finale""! Unseen in the young magazine series! Also, one of Tomoe Ryousuke's stories, not included in any other book, ""Young BUTA"" series' ""Some would say we're best friends"". 80 pages included!

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Product Details

Author Ryousuke Tomoe
Genre Manga ,Seinen ,Horror ,Completed Series
Series Museum
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Available since May 1, 2017
Page count 242pages (*note)

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