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Golden Time Vol. 5 - Manga

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Yuyuko Takemiya / Umechazuke

Golden Time Vol. 5

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After a series of twists, turns, and breakdowns, the amnesiac Tada Banri and the beautiful but fiery Kaga Kouko have finally begin to date. In fact, they're so lovey-dovey together, that their friends can't help but roll their eyes. However, somewhere deep inside Banri remains his old self, and “Old Banri” is still pining for his high school crush and current club senpai, Linda. As past and present combat over the love in Banri's heart, where will his conflicting feelings take him? It's the joys and sorrows of love in volume five of?Golden Time!

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Product Details

Author Yuyuko Takemiya
Artist Umechazuke
Genre Manga ,Shounen ,Anime ,Comedy ,School Life ,Romance ,Drama
Series Golden Time
Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment
Available since December 25, 2017
Page count 184pages (*note)

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