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I Don't Like You At All, Big Brother!! Vol. 3 - Manga

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Kouichi Kusano

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The hilarity continues as Takanashi Nao's massive crush on her adoptive big brother Shuusuke grows stronger. Yet Nao's best friend Iroha will not be easily defeated, as they desperately try to out-flirt each other in a contest where Shuusuke is the prize. Meanwhile, class representative Mayuka has introduced a secret strategy to blackmail Shuusuke. As Nao, Iroha, and Mayuka strive to outdo each other, frisky Shuusuke must maintain his cool--and more importantly, his sanity. It's hentai vs. boy's love, stalkers vs. weirdos! Which pervert will reign supreme...?

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Product Details

Author/Artist Kouichi Kusano
Genre Manga ,Seinen ,Anime ,Comedy ,School Life ,Action ,Harem ,Romance
Series I Don't Like You At All, Big Brother!!
Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment
Available since February 13, 2018
Page count 160pages (*note)

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