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Crimson Prince, Vol. 14 - Manga

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Souta Kuwahara

About this book

A young Gii stands trial to be judged for the mistakes of his past. The only way for Gii to make up for his crimes, and get back what's most important to him, is to accept a job from Enma...Back in the present, demon prince Koujirou's masquerade is falling apart. His human guise is becoming harder to control, his target has seen his supernatural powers, and the angels may be up to something sinister. Will he and Hana be forced apart just when they've finally opened up to each other?

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Product Details

By (author) Souta Kuwahara
Genre Manga ,Fantasy ,Comedy ,School Life ,Supernatural ,Romance
Series Crimson Prince
Publisher Yen Press
Available since February 6, 2018
Page count 196pages (*note)

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