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SHOKU-KING, Volume 4 - Manga

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Shigeru Tsuchiyama

SHOKU-KING, Volume 4

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B-Gourmet restaurant revival consultant Toshizo Kitakata takes on the task of reviving Honmaru Shokudo, an eatery known for its ekiben (train station lunchboxes) before the train line halts its operations. Toshizo takes the acrophobic chef, G?ta, hang-gliding off a nearby mountain to find some culinary inspiration. Little does G?ta know, however, that circumstances will prevent him from selling his creation at the closing ceremony....!

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Author Shigeru Tsuchiyama
Genre Manga ,Media Do
Series SHOKU-KING, Volume Collections
Available since December 12, 2017
Page count 205pages (*note)

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