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Domestic Girlfriend Volume 16 - Manga

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Kei Sasuga

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Hina's sudden confession drives a wedge between Natsuo and Rui! To make matters worse, an accidental discovery leads Hina to find out the truth about their relationship. And during the theater club's training camp, Natsuo's debut as a playwright is put in jeopardy when the lead actress threatens to back out of the role! The drama kicks it up a notch in this new more ways than one.

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    Product Details

    Author Kei Sasuga
    Genre Manga ,Shounen ,School Life ,Romance ,Drama ,Ecchi ,Winter Anime 2019
    Series Domestic Girlfriend
    Publisher Kodansha Comics
    Available since March 27, 2018
    Page count 194pages (*note)
    Chapters included in this volume Domestic Girlfriend, Chapter 145
    Domestic Girlfriend, Chapter 146
    Domestic Girlfriend, Chapter 147
    Domestic Girlfriend, Chapter 148
    Domestic Girlfriend, Chapter 149
    Domestic Girlfriend, Chapter 150
    Domestic Girlfriend, Chapter 151
    Domestic Girlfriend, Chapter 152
    Domestic Girlfriend, Chapter 153
    Domestic Girlfriend, Chapter 154

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