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Crocodile Baron 2 - Manga

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Takuya Okada

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A crocodile gentleman-novelist and his rabbit friend, who is always eager to be treated to a good meal, partake of popular foods from around Japan. When this bestie beastie duo set off on their eating tours they always stumble into great fun. In this second volume, they fully enjoy winged gyoza and beef bowls with extra soup. They even take a hot spring trip. Colorful characters such as a chameleon paparazzi hunting for the crocodile novelist's scandal, a super rich and beautiful rabbit girl, and a lion hatmaker join in as the stories get livelier and livelier ... This manga keeps throwing wild pitches to a burgeoning gourmet manga boom. This is a quirky adventure and a superb masterpiece of gastronomical delight!

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Product Details

Author Takuya Okada
Genre Manga ,Comedy ,Fantasy ,Seinen ,Slice of Life ,Food
Series Crocodile Baron
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Available since February 12, 2019
Page count 192pages (*note)

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