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Vampire Hunter D Vol. 3 - Manga

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Saiko Takaki / Hideyuki Kikuchi

Vampire Hunter D Vol. 3

About this book

The vampire hunter know only as D is now on a race against time?this time, to hunt down a vampire lord who's kidnapped a daughter of a wealthy village elder.
D must also contend with a notorious band of bounty hunters also hired to track down the abductor, and hell-bent on eliminating anyone or anything in their way of their bounty.
D is faced with obstacles every corner he turns...can he reach the damsel in distress before she becomes one of the undead?

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Product Details

Author Saiko Takaki
Original Story Hideyuki Kikuchi
Genre Manga ,Seinen ,Sci-fi ,Horror ,Fantasy ,Adventure ,Supernatural ,Action ,Anime
Series Vampire Hunter D
Publisher DMP
Available since January 29, 2015
Page count 250pages (*note)

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