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A Springtime with Ninjas Volume 3 - Manga

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Narumi Hasegaki

A Springtime with Ninjas Volume 3

About this book

The Kasugami heiress Benio and her ninja Tamaki have finally started dating, but now their forbidden love has every lord and ninja in Japan trying to kill them! When Benio's uncle falls into a coma after protecting Benio from an assassination attempt, she has to take his place on the Council of Lords. Unfortunately, no ninja can accompany her into the meeting chamber... A Springtime with Ninjas: the Couple Arc is a rollercoaster ride full of love and battle! Plus, this volume includes a bonus story from the perspective of Naoto and Shizuka.

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Product Details

Author Narumi Hasegaki
Genre Manga ,Shoujo ,Romance ,Completed Series
Series A Springtime with Ninjas
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Available since June 26, 2017
Page count 162pages (*note)

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