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Kagerou Daze, Vol. 3 - Light Novels

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Sidu / Jin (Shizen no Teki-P)

Kagerou Daze, Vol. 3

About this book

The past is never really gone.
On a certain summer day, a certain boy and girl meet. What is it that lurks behind the strange experience they chance to have? What is the link that connects all of this? The truth is finally coming to light, but can the Mekakushi-dan, armed with only their eyes, solve the riddle? The third novel from Internet phenomenon and multimedia creator JIN is here!

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Product Details

By (artist) Sidu
By (author) Jin (Shizen no Teki-P)
Genre Light Novels ,Mystery ,Comedy ,Supernatural ,Romance ,Drama ,Anime ,Drama ,Full-size Illustration
Series Kagerou Daze Light Novel
Publisher Yen On
Available since June 30, 2016
Page count 163pages (*note)

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