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The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 09 - Light Novels

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Aneko Yusagi

The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 09

About this book

I will see to your punishment. Come at me!
Yomogi, a female samurai, attacks Naofumi and his team. The Shield Hero, Naofumi, finds himself separated from his companions - and reduced to level one! With the help of Kizuna, one of the holy heroes from the new world, he is able to reunite with his friends. Naofumi prepares to battle their enemy Kyo, but then Yomogi attacks, declaring she is acting on Kyo's behalf. In the middle of battle, Naofumi notices something strange about her powerful weapon - but what is it? Find out in volume nine of this otherworldly revenge fantasy!

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Product Details

Author Aneko Yusagi
Genre Light Novels ,Seinen ,Drama ,Fantasy ,Full-size Illustration ,Adventure ,Action ,Harem ,Romance
Series The Rising of the Shield Hero
Publisher One Peace Books
Available since November 13, 2017
Page count 382pages (*note)

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