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[New] Earn 5x more coin by “Pre-order” or “Subscribe to Series”

You can now earn 5x more coins when an eBook is purchased through “Pre-order” or “Subscribe to Series” functions!

(Example) When purchasing 1,000 JPY (9.28 USD approx.) manga:

You can earn a total of 50 coins (5x more coin based on the Standard Coin)
– Standard Coin: 10 coins
– Pre-order Coin: +40 coins

*Pre-order Coin is calculated based on the Standard Coin. See details of coin rules from here.

■ About “Pre-order” and “Subscribe to Series” Functions

By pre-ordering an eBook or subscribing to simulpub series, you will be able to automatically purchase the latest issue of a volume/chapter at the timing of its release.

1. “Pre-order” Function

By “pre-ordering” eBook(s) on the Release Schedule, it allows you to automatically purchase eBook(s) on the delivery date.

2. “Subscribe to Series” Function

This function allows you to automatically purchase the latest issue of a simulpub series you've subscribed to, on the date of delivery.
Here are the list of simulpub series which you can subscribe to:

  1. Black Butler Serial
  2. Dead Mount Death Play Serial
  3. Final Fantasy Lost Stranger Serial
  4. Goblin Slayer Manga Serial
  5. Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One Serial
  6. Goblin Slayer: Brand New Day Serial
  7. Hinowa ga CRUSH! Serial
  8. Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler - Serial
  9. My Monster Girl's Too Cool for You Serial
  10. Napping Princess Serial
  11. The Case Study of Vanitas Serial
  12. The Royal Tutor Serial

■ FAQ about “Pre-order” and “Subscribe to series” function

What are “Pre-order” and “Subscribe to series” functions?
How can I “Subscribe to Series”?
How can I cancel “Pre-orders” and “Subscribe to Series”?

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