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Love Hina Omnibus 4 - Manga

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Ken Akamatsu

Love Hina Omnibus 4

About this book

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED? ? Keitaro has finally accomplished his goal and made it into Todai, and Narusegawa even confessed she likes him...maybe...sort of. So what could go wrong? Having missed a semester with a broken leg, Keitaro now faces having to miss the whole year of school and things with Naru have been really awkward. What can be done to salvage the dream of living happily ever after with Naru at Todai? Keitaro faces a big decision that shakes up all of Hinata's residents!

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Author Ken Akamatsu
Genre Manga ,Comedy ,Slice of Life ,Supernatural ,Ecchi ,Harem ,Romance ,Completed Series
Series Love Hina Omnibus
Publisher Kodansha Comics
Available since October 25, 2016
Page count 578pages (*note)

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