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Magia the Ninth Vol 01 - Manga

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Ichiya Sazanami

Magia the Ninth Vol 01

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High school student Sumura Takeru has a dark secret: his parents were murdered by demons. Consumed by vengeance, Takeru seeks out the famed demon hunter, Beethoven. Beethoven is a “magia,” a wizard who wields the power of music to battle demons. Taken under Beethoven's wing, Takeru joins the ranks of other renowned magia: Back, Mozart, Schubert, Liszt and Tchaikovsky. This unique team of demon hunters will use their music-based magic to combat the world's demons. Now all Takeru needs to do is figure out how to convince Beethoven to upgrade him from his personal cleaning boy to a full-fledge apprentice!

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Author/Artist Ichiya Sazanami
Genre Manga ,Josei ,Historical ,Supernatural ,Completed Series
Series Magia the Ninth
Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment
Available since January 16, 2017
Page count 176pages (*note)

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